Attractor Field Techniques

Attractor Field Techniques (AFT) is an energetic and spiritual approach that can be used to work with:

  • Physical Illness
  • Pain Disorders
  • Emotional Problems
  • Spiritual Debelopment and Self-Actualization

What are Attractor Field Meridian Approaches?

What we understand to be “reality” is only one aspect of the universe that is far greater and more awesome than our science can currently explain. Several hundred years ago science said the sun and stars revolved around the earth. The data seemed to prove this. It required a new perspective to discover a more accurate understanding of the universe. Within the last 60 years we have gone from thinking that matter and energy were different. We now understand that they are the same thing in two different forms. The understanding that the scientific world is beginning to realize is that the universe can be understood at many different levels. Each level has its own rules and truths.

Levels of Consciousness and the work of David Hawkins

AFT has been heavily influenced by the work of David Hawkins, MD, PhD. In his book Power Vs Force Dr. . Hawkins describes how consciousness is organized into different levels. The problematic “levels of consciousness” are Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger and Pride. In the AFT model all emotional and physical disturbances arise out of thought and emotional patterns from these levels.

Dr. . Hawkins’ work also describes “higher” levels of consciousness above the pride level. These levels include courage, willingness, neutrality, reason, love, joy peace and enlightenment. For those interested in consciousness and spiritual development, Dr. Hawkins books: Power Vs Force, The Eye of the I, and I: Reality and Subjectivity are highly recommended.

The bottom line is that there is a change point at the level of courage. Below the level of courage are states of consciousness that lead to suffering. At the level of courage, we have the courage to look at ourselves and recognize that we are at the source of our own suffering and we also have the potential to be at the source of creating our own joy and peace.

AFT is dedicated to a) helping people eliminate their own suffering and b) helping people reach higher states of consciousness where people have access to experiences of increasing resourcefulness, happiness, peacefulness and eventually enlightenment

Understanding and Energetic Approach to Human Problems.

Our physical bodies are only an aspect of what we truly are. In reality we are beings of light and energy. The concept of “the Force” described in the Stars Wars movies is surprisingly accurate. Our minds and bodies are shaped by our consciousness and our thoughts and intentions. Our bodies are the conduits of life energy that flows through the universe. When we run low on life energy we become “dis-eased” and eventually diseased. Just as matter and energy are interchangeable, thought and energy are interchangeable. Just like energy can be thought of as having a specific frequency (like tuning into a radio station at a certain frequency), thoughts have different frequencies as well. Not unlike radio waves or microwaves or light waves, they are broadcast beyond our specific brains.

Light waves are electromagnetic radiation that comes to us from the sun. Their frequencies are such that they have a positive impact on our bodies. Gamma radiation is also a type of electromagnetic energy at a different frequency that has a very destructive effect on our bodies. Thoughts and intentions also generate energetic fields that have either positive or negative effects upon our lives. The thoughts and intentions that have negative energetic effects on our spirit and our body include shame, guilt, anger, fear and false pride. These include activities such as criticizing, blaming, judging, withdrawing, hiding, punishing, attacking and so on. The thoughts and intentions that have positive energetic effects on our souls and bodies include acceptance, openness, love, joy, peacefulness curiosity, compassion, and reverence. They include activities such as acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, love, understanding connection, and empathy.

There are certain people whom everyone likes to be around. We often say, “I like their energy”. We are absolutely correct about this. These people do broadcast good energy. There are other people we do not want to be around for just the opposite reason. We are all aware of this. But it goes much deeper than this.

When we walk around criticizing, judging and blaming others or ourselves we weaken our life energy. When we go though our life being angry and negative towards others or ourselves we generate negative energy that makes us feel bad and makes us suffer immediately. The effect also continues to effect us over time. Eventually the energy fields of these negative thought patterns create negative energy fields that disrupt the body’s physical functioning and create disease. It also does not matter if we are conscious of these thoughts. In fact most of the time we are unconscious of these thoughts.

For the most part we have not said anything new here. These ideas have been stated by sages and saints throughout time. They have been stated by Jesus and by Buddha. They are in the Talmud and the Kabbalah. They are in Hindu texts, a course in miracles and countless other texts.

The problem has always been how to take this wisdom and use it in your daily life. What is different here is that Attractor Field techniques provide with you a tool to help you go beyond intellectual understanding. Theoretically AFT provides an approach that will helps users get the immediate relief for specific physical and emotional problems. The understanding of AFTis that it gives particpants a means, if they choose, to walk along a spiritual path toward becoming a more enlighten human being, without going into a monastery. AFT users feel they are more able to consistently stay connected to the energy of acceptance, love and forgiveness. They report this brings them peace of mind, better health and helps them be more successful in their lives in ways that they did not imagine.

There are several tools:
  • The use of tapping on specific meridian points (the same points that are part of the acupuncture system) in specific patterns. The understanding is that these patterns affect the energy patterns that are responsible for illness
  • Accutone frequencies on CD that replace manual tapping. The CDs use specific frequencies to achieve the same results as tapping.
  • Kinesiological testing to clarify specific unconscious beliefs, traumatic experiences and other information that keeps negative energetic patterns locked in.
  • The use of forgiveness based affirmations coupled with meridian activation.

Illness only manifests in the body, the source is in the unseen energy patterns encoded in our thoughts. It is thought that the energy of frequently repeated conscious or unconscious thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs ultimately distort the body's energy system and engender other self-perpetuating energy fields that manifest as disease. These thought and belief patterns block the natural connection to our body’s healing energy. It is the self-hatred or lack of self-acceptance, or the anger and fear we project on to others that generate energetic fields that eventually end in disease. The Attractor Field energetic formulas are designed to correct the distortions within the body’s energy field, and to destabilize the harmful energy fields of the negative thoughts themselves.

People often consciously attempt to rid themselves of their lack of self-acceptance or their judgments of others. In some cases they succeed, at least partially. But if a person is suffering from any physical illness or emotional distress then some of the negative energy remains at some level. More often than not, people attempt to live more spiritual lives only to experience themselves as “failing” and then punish and recriminate themselves for that failure.

One of the reasons that people “fail” to transform their negative thinking is that habitual use of these thoughts generates a self-maintaining energy field. For instance, If you walk around feeling guilty and punishing yourself for years, even if you attempt to change your thinking there is self-sustaining energy field that generates guilty feelings and projects onto the world a kind of vindictiveness and so on. If that is not bad enough, these energy fields will actually attract similar negative energy so that real things will happen that support the belief “the world as a bad place where one is punished for “sinning”

The Forgiveness Affirmation Process

When you are upset in any way, you use a forgiveness affirmation such as "I forgive myself on all levels even though I am angry or anxious" while listening to a CD that contains specific frequencies to stimulate your meridians. Thoughts of acceptance, love, and forgiveness contained in the affirmations used with this CD generate considerably more energetic power than thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that underlie emotional problems and illness of all sorts. However, just saying or thinking these thoughts is often not enough to break through the habitual negative energy fields associated with emotional symptoms and physical problems.
The pattern meridian stimulation used in AFT disrupts the negative energy fields (of anger, anxiety or self punishment and so on)within the brain. This in effect allows the healing effects of the positive affirmations to “get through”. This can be thought of as similar to making certain nutrients and minerals “bio-available” by properly formulating them so that the body can absorb them. Without the proper formulation the nutrients go in, are not absorbed and then are excreted without any therapeutic benefit.

AFT Formulas for Levels of Consciousness(LoC).

Meridian Stimulation formulas have been developed to help neutralize the coherence of a given LOC. As an LOC has less of a hold on you, you become more and more free of the limiting nature of that particular LOC and are more able to have a broader more enlightened perspective. The basic series of formulas are listed for free on the web link below. These are also available on CD. A second series of the "higher LOCs are available on CD.

AFT Formulas for physical problems.

Specific patterns of meridian stimualtion have been developed that disrupt the pattern of energy underlying a physical disorder. There are currently two delivery methods. The first is manual tapping of the meridian points. This infomration has been supplied free of charge for over 5 years. It can be found on the web at the link listed below. The second method is through the use of CDs. The same formulas are coded as frequencies on the CD and are transmitted through a special antennae that had an effective radius of 40 feet. The CD allows for more extensive formulas to be used as well as continuous application of the formulas. The CDs should be considered an addition to manual tapping. There is a charge for CDs.

People can try the tapping formulas for free by going to the AFT website. Click here to go to the home page of AFT.