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Dr Schwarz created a workshop for our executive level managers. Our scheduled four hour session extended to six hours. We were extremely pleased with Dr. Schwarz’s ability to facilitate us toward accomplishing significant insights about our company and each other. “

Karen Thorp, VP director of training
Liberty Mutu
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Effective Communication Is The Key To: Success In Business,
Outstanding Leadership, Breakthrough Creativity and Fulfilling Relationships.

You Can Dramatically Increase Your Personal Success Or The Success Of Your Company By Raising The Bar of Your Communication Integrity.





Our goal is to provide clients with practical concepts, specific skills and enduring wisdom that will lead to real world immediate results and sustainable growth.

We offer customized consulting and coaching solutions.
Our trainings are tailored to the needs of your organization. We have four formats:
Multi-day workshops, one-day workshop, half-day workshop, and keynotes.

Let us help you develop your people skills, workplace communication tools, leadership or creativity to a new level that will help you build cooperation and performance across your entire organization.

Below are a few of our trainings. To see more choices or more details
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Gender Diversity Training for Improved Performance
Increase productivity, job retention and Improve morale
Help employees achieve work life balance
Meet the needs for gender diversity training
Dissolve "Glass Ceiling" Issues

Never before in history have men and women worked so closely together. While it is crucial that
opportunity and pay are equal, it is not accurate to think that men and women are the same.

These trainings will reveal the subtle differences between the genders that cause stress, underlie
retention problems, impact leadership, and magnify glass-ceiling issues. Participants wil learn specific
strategies to manage and exploit these differences for increased success and performance. Including:

  • Understand specific gender differences in problem-solving, stress management, motivation,
    leadership style, and much more (even head nodding—that’s right, head nodding).
  • Increase their communication and behavioral flexibility with the opposite gender.
  • Capitalize on unseen opportunities by not inadvertently alienating customers, colleagues or managers.
    Presentations can be tailored for single gendered or multi-gendered audiences
    Click here for a few examples of how men and women differ.

Managing Generational Differences