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"AFT begins with the premise that at our “core” we are already enlightened Divine beings. For a variety of reasons we create and develop “limited and limiting beliefs that cover up our own enlightened Divinity. Inside us, and all around us, are different vibrational patterns of energy broadcasting all of the time, 24/7/365. The only question is to which channel are we listening. Are we listening to the Abundance Network including the stations WGOD and WLOVE or are we listening to Scarcity Network including the stations, WFEAR or WMAD or WGLTY." (page 2)

Dr Schwarz has written an easy to use 53 page manual to remove your unconscious blocks to achieving your life's goals and tune into the abundance network. You will learn how to activate your energy system (by tapping on Acupuncture points) while using a specific set of affirmations to remove your unconscious blocks. There are special sections on success and money, relationships and perrformance

Digitally delivered PDF $14.95

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Tools for Transforming Trauma - Book

Chapter 1: Understanding how trauma leads to PTSD
Chapter 2: A Neo-Ericksonian framework for treating trauma
Chapter 3: The Tools Framework
Chapter 4: Tools for Safety, Ego support & Ego Growth
Chapter 5: Tools for Working with Memory PTSD as a disorder of memory
Chapter 6: The Use of Thought Field Therapy in Treating Trauma
Chapter 7: Tools for the Holistic Self
Chapter 8: If you meet the "tool" on the road, leave it! - Person of the therapist issues


Tools for Transforming Trauma is a practical resource manual that will guide clinicans of all persuasions to effectively help PTSD clients reclaim their lives. To effectively treat this tragic problem, Bob Schwarz brings peerless expertise and an integrative perspective, all in eminently readable and easy to digest prose. This is a "must read" for those working in the field of PTSD.

Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D., Director
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation


Tools for Transforming trauma is a wonderfully resourceful handbook for goal oriented and effective approaches for overcoming cognitive, affective and behavioral limitations of traumatic experiences and the many sequelae of trauma. All therapists of trauma victims will find valuable ideas and useful guidelines for the comprehensive treatment of their patients in this clear and well-written book. Stephen Lankton, MSW, DAHB Training &Consulting


True to it's title, this highly useful  book offers an abundance of
interesting and practical interventions for psychotherapists seeking  to provide  relief from PTSD symptoms and empower trauma survivors to live healthier, more rewarding, and productive lives.  Also included are a series of fresh  and innovative ideas for  enhancing  care givers' continued personal  and professional growth, self development  and self care. Yvonne Dolan, MA Author of Resolving Sexual Abuse , A Path with heart and One small step


In a highly readable and enjoyable style, Robert Schwarz has succinctly assembled a plethera of valuable information on trauma/PTSD in "Tools for Transforming Trauma." I highly recommend this book if you are interested in comprehensive understanding and treatment methods for these conditions. Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D., Author of "Energy Psychology" and "Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods"


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New Ver 2.0 Digitally Mastered
with Music Background
Over 1300 copies of version 1.0 sold.

The purpose of this series is to provide people who are recovering from the effects of trauma a cost effective manner to learn a variety of psychological tools that will help master the debilitating effects of trauma. This series has been specifically designed to meet the needs of trauma survivors. The tools taught in these tapes have actually been used by clients with successful results. The tools are designed to enhance a person's ability to cope and function in the world.

Tape 1 Developing Internal Safety and a Safe Place

Contents:  In this CD the listener will learn how to develop internal feelings of safety and visual imagery of a safe place. This CD is specifically designed to help alleviate the hyper-arousal that often accompanies trauma and abuse. It restores the survivors ability to calm down after being stressed.

Tape 2 Developing Boundaries / The Energy Shield

Contents:  In this CD the listener will learn how to develop an energy bubble or shield that works as a boundary. This tool allows a person to remain more resourceful in situations that had been considered stressful . After learning the tool, the listener can rehearse and practice the Energy Shield/Bubble in increasingly difficult situations.


“ A powerful resource of comfort, safety and hope. Especially useful for people in the process of overcoming the effects of trauma. Highly recommended for psychotherapists and clients.” Yvonne Dolan, MA Author of Resolving Sexual Abuse: Solution Focused Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis for Adult Survivors


“Helpful, kind & powerful tools to aid trauma victims ..”
Patrick Carnes, PhD Author of Out of the Shadows and Don't Call it Love


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VHS Video of Trauma Re-associative conditining

Professional Quality VHS-Video Dr Schwarz doing a Demonstration of Trauma Reassociative Conditioning for PTSD with a Vietnam Vet.  This tape is the perfect companion to Dr Schwarz's Book Tools for Transforming Trauma . In the book, Dr Schwarz writes out the procedure in a step-by-step fashion. On this tape you can see the procedure unfold organically. Not only can you can watch the specific procedure again and again, you can also see how Dr Schwarz uses the three-phase model of working with trauma within a single session!!

Included in this 1-hour tape are an interview where Dr Schwarz gains rapport, elicits current time goals and uses the TRC procedure. In addition there are many examples of Ericksonian utilization techniques, indirect suggestion, a therapeutic mistake and how to effectively use it, and linking the benefits of the procedure to the client's future life. You could mine this tape for hours.

This tape is for Mental Health Professionals Only

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TFT Video/CD Combo

Tools for Mastering Trauma - 2 AUDIO CDs


Trauma Reassociative Conditioning Video tape
(for mental health professionals only)

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"The Big Enchilada"

  The book the  Video and the audio CDS  for only $95.00

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The Power of Play Manual

For Professionals - Unlimited Reproduction Rights

The couple's play inventory over 200 items that helps couple reconnect with what they used to do for fun and gives them new ideas and avenues to communicate about fun in their lives. 

Sections include: togetherness, activities, small acts of love and kindness, romance, sensuality, sex, and fantasy

  • The principles of play
  • Blocks to play
  • Strategies for increasing fun
  • Play activity cards template
  • Sex activity cards template
  • 4 hour workshop outline
$49.00 Now $20

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Rapidly Remove: Fear, Grief, Anger & Trauma

Reduce or Eliminate: Allergies , Arthritis, Joint Pain, Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Incontinence

With Accutone Frequency Technology

How does this incredible CD work? Recorded on the CD are unique patterns of frequencies or tones.  Each tone gently activates a specific meridian or chakra point of your pet.

$99.00 Now $79.99

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