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"Your insights on communication
and miscommunication
were wonderful."

Joan Cassedy
Executive Director, ACIL


Effective Communication Is The Key To: Success In Business,
Outstanding Leadership, Breakthrough Creativity and Fulfilling Relationships.

We live in the information age. Communication involves the sending, receiving and processing of vast amounts of information.

The vast majority of problems and errors that cause stress, loss of business, and poor performance are due to errors somewhere in the communication process.

You Can Dramatically Increase Your Personal Success Or The Success Of Your Company By Raising The Bar of Your Communication Integrity.

Communication Integrity is a measure of the degree to which a person or an organization:

  • Communicates What Is Intended to be Communicated.
  • Communicates Congruently at all Levels.
  • Listens, Understands and Embraces the Values and Needs of Diverse Groups.
  • Focuses On Providing Service To Colleagues, Customers and Community.

In many ways it is really amazing that we communicate as well as we do. If you look at the chart below, you will see that in a simple two person conversation there are at least 8 points where communication can go wrong. There are at least 4or 5 variables influencing any of those points. And this is only a simple depiction.

Communication integrity can be viewed on virtually any level, from one-on-one interactions all the way to public perception and marketing campaigns. Here are two simple examples. The new I-phone commercials are fantastic examples of communicating what one intends to communicate. Apple wants to let people see and feel how easy and friendly the interface is. And they achieve this brilliantly. You cannot help but think that the next step will be "beam me up Scotty".

In contrast, the news story about John Edwards' paying a stylist over $1300 for haircuts reveals how we communicate through our actions as well as our words. This action (assuming it is accurate) is totally incongruous with his platform of correcting income inequality between the rich and the poor. Does Edwards have the right to look good? - absolutely. If he values that hair cut so much is it worth it ?- I guess it might be (The facts are the hair stylist is being paid so much because he has to take time off from his business and pay for airfare and so on). But it just does not communicate what I am sure he intends to communicate. Of course Edwards could say that this is his own personal exercise in improving the income of one hair stylist!!

With 25 years of experience as a businessman, psychologist, consultant and coach working with thousands of people, Dr Schwarz brings a wealth of knowledge (plus a sense of humor) in helping individuals and organizations increase the integrity of their communication skills through coaching individuals and teams, consulting and training.