What You Believe is What You Get:

The Role of Beliefs & Knowings in Creating Experience.

by Robert Schwarz, PsyD

The article this month of New Visions Magazine is about the use of a relatively new form of therapy called Attractor Field Therapy that uses energetic approaches to deal with spiritual issues as well as physical problems. In this article I will be describing the importance of beliefs and “knowings” in creating our experience. How we can identify them and even change them.

What You Believe is What You Get means that you are always fully responsible for what you are getting. The good news is that if you are fully responsible for what you are getting, then you all you need to do is change you and you can get what you want. After all you can never really change any one else. The bad news is that you cannot blame any one else for your problems. It may be that some person did cheat you on that last deal. It may be that the last three men in your life treated you badly. It is OK if you are upset about those events. AND, it is still your beliefs that are attracting these problems to you. When you change your beliefs you will attract better things to yourself.

The problem is that we are often not consciously are of our limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world. Furthermore, you may think one thing consciously, but you believe the opposite unconsciously. In these situations the unconscious beliefs always win out. For instance, I have worked with many people who are involved in spiritual practices, who unconsciously believe that God is punishing or abandoning them. These beliefs can usually be discerned through the use of Kinesiological muscle testing (MT). MT is performed by having the person make a simple statement such as “ I am bad”, or “I deserve to make $100,000 a year” or “God loves m”e. Then a simple muscle test is performed to see if the person tests “strong” or “weak”. If they test strong the person believes the statement. If the person tests weak they do not believe the statement. Performing a series of these tests one can determine the beliefs a person has that is involved in his symptoms or problems. You can also determine when and where the person acquired this belief.

In addition to beliefs, people form what we call “knowings” at very young ages. The best way to think about knowings and beliefs and life is to think of one's life experience as a tall building. Knowings are like the main vertical steel girders. Everything else is hung on them. Beliefs are the main horizontal girders. All of the rest of life's experiences are interpreted and built up around these main building blocks. Knowings differ from beliefs in several important manners. First, they are created in an instant moment in time. Most people have approximately seven knowings that are usually created in the first 12 years of life. Knowings are creations of the ego and are always limiting in nature. Knowings are actually non-verbal felt experience. They are usually created at moments of stress (although not necessarily hugely stressful events by adult standards). In the moment the child simply “knows” that they are unloved or that “people are idiots”. Knowings are best conceived of as energetic patterns that once formed are imprinted on the energy pattern of the person. From that moment on the person walks around with that energy signature. It will continue to show up throughout the person's life. And if questioned or challenged about the experiential qualities of the knowing, the person will think that the questioner simply does not understand how the world really operates. Knowings are unquestioned and almost unquestionable blue prints about the nature of the universe.

Here is an example from my own work in this area. I was investigating the experience of my getting very angry over little things such as an electric chord getting caught in a door. It seemed to me that inanimate objects were out to fight me and make my life difficult. I would get enraged for about 4 seconds and then it would be over. My wife would try to talk to me about this behavior. Needless to say I did not use the Mars Venus principles of listening to her on these occasions. To me this was a perfectly natural reaction and she was just over sensitive (You can imagine how well this went over with her.) As part of the research we were doing in this area of beliefs, it became clear that the felt experience during these moments were actually part of a knowing that was tracked back in time to being woken up in the middle of the night at the age of 6. As this was explored further, this feeling/experience had indeed been present in many different parts of my life.

The point of identifying negative beliefs and limiting knowings is that they can be changed through the use of very specific procedures involving stimulating patterns of meridian points that neutralize the energy pattern of the knowing or belief. After this was done with me on this particular issue several very interesting effects happened. The first effect was that I simply could no longer feel the intense anger by thinking about it. It was like the file had been erased. The second was that what had seemed like a completely reasonable response, now seemed like rather unhealthy behavior. Third and most importantly, I simply stopped having those reactions in day-to-day life. These effects commonly occur with most people who use these procedures.

There is another aspect to working with knowings and beliefs that may be of particular interest to readers of New Visions. Beliefs and knowings act as spiritual attractors. It is not just that they alter your perception of what happens to you. They synchronistically draw events to you. For instance, when I have worked with people around issues of abundance around money or relationships and identify and change limiting beliefs, it is quite common for a job or a person to just show up out of “thin air”. Since you believe something different, you get something different. While these ideas are not new to people on spiritual pursuits, it typically has been difficult to do something practical that actually has an impact. The use of Attractor Field Therapy provides a practical method to making changes at fundamental levels of being.

Dr Robert Schwarz is a licensed psychologist and clinical member of AAMFT. He is the director of the Mars and Venus Counseling and Wellness Center with offices in Media and Haverford. He and his associate Helen Struckmann, MA use holistic approaches to health, and provide counseling and coaching, run workshops on parenting, couples communication and Workplace trainings throughout the year. Many more articles and information can be found at our website at http:www.doctor-bob.net You can reach them at 610-642-0884 E-Mail: Bob@Marsvenusatwork.com

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