How to Meditate

The Interactive meditation of Dr John Gray

by Dr Robert Schwarz

There are different styles of meditation. Each form has its own merits. The following meditation style is taught by Dr. John Gray. Dr Gray has been meditating for 30 years.

The power of consistent meditation cannot be under estimated. It helps you become more centered and calm. You become more in touch with your own intuitive powers. It helps with virtually all types of emotional problems and mind body problems.

There are several parts to this meditation. Part 1 is the intention or goal of the mediation process. The goal of this process is to open our hearts and minds to the creative power of the universe (often referred to as God - more on this later). Connecting with this unlimited amount of love and support creates massive improvements in all aspects of our life: Including increased feelings of well being and peacefulness, decreased negative emotion, increased success in every aspect of our life, and increased connection to our true and evolved selves.

Part 2 the affirmation. In this approach, we will be using a specific affirmation. It has been chosen for several reasons. The first is that it is in English and therefore carries with it specific meaning. The meaning of this phrase will program your intention in the direction described in part 1. The intention behind this phrase also carries with it “vibrational” qualities that have high spiritual energy and is at a level of consciousness that is equivalent to the state of love.

The phrase that you will repeat is: “Oh God, my heart is open to you, please come sit in my heart.” This phrase is repeated gently over and over in the mind while you are meditating.

Alternatives for the word “God”: According to Dr. Gray the important idea is to be asking the creative force that is greater than us. Some people may have negative reactions to the word God for a variety of reasons. It is permissible to substitute other phrases that connote a benevolent and loving force greater than us. These include: Universe, creative universe, Holy Spirit, Jesus, glorious future,

Repeating the Affirmation and the Mind Wandering: It is inevitable that your mind will wander from time to time or even a great deal. There is nothing wrong with this. It happens a lot in the beginning. Be gentle with yourself and just gently come back to the phrase. If your mind wanders again, as soon as you are aware of it just come back to the affirmation again. The wandering of your mind is your mind releasing stress. As you become less and less stressed your mind will wander less as well.

Part 3 The interactive part: After you have done the affirmation for about 5-10 minutes you can do two additional things. The first is to express gratitude for what you already have and what you have been getting lately. The more grateful you are the easier it is for you to attract even more. Begin to allow yourself to be aware of the little signs that the universe gives you to encourage you or to point you in a certain direction. Be grateful for those things, even if they are not what you thought you wanted. If you have gotten a pay increase or a new client, express gratitude and thanks to the universe or God. The second thing you can do is ask for more: You can ask for long-term things or simply to have a good day. You can ask for external things such as more money in your life. Or you can ask for more internal things such as patience, serenity or wisdom. Ask God for what you want for a few minutes; imagine God saying that you deserve to be happy or to get what you want. Then return to the basic affirmation “Oh God, my heart is open to you, please come sit in my heart.” You can alternate between the basic affirmation, asking for what you want, and expressing gratitude.

If while you are meditating you are aware of negative emotions such as anxiety, anger or sadness, you can use the phrase Oh God, my heart is open to you, take away this stress and __________, take away this stress and__________. In the blank space put the name the feeling. The important point is to allow yourself to feel connected to a source of love and support. Even if the feelings do not go away still allow yourself to feel the support. This will help immediately. And in the long run your negative feelings will get less and less.

Part 4: Collecting and connecting with the positive energy: The intention of this mediation is to connect with the creative and loving energy of the universe. The key word here is energy. God is not a thing or a guy with a beard or a woman with long flowing robes. If we do not feel connected to God it is us who have done the cutting off. The metaphor that I like to use is WGOD broadcasting love and understanding 24/7. The problem is that we do not usually tune in. We are listening to WFEAR or WMAD. So it is up to us to tune in. This final procedure facilitates the tuning in our antennae. At the beginning of the meditation hold your hands up at least at shoulder height( it is OK to rest your elbows on the chair) and spread your fingers up apart like they each are an antennae. You are going to say the affirmation out loud ten times. Each time you do it, you focus your attention on one of your fingers, as if you are turning it on. After you have turned on all of your fingers you can say the affirmation silently.

What you will notice is that your fingers will start to tingle. The usual explanation for this is that the blood is leaving your fingertips. And the blood is leaving your fingertips. When, this happens, spiritual energy begins to flow into your fingertips. This energy has been called many different things, L-energy or chi or ki are common names. It is the unseen and non-physical energy that is part of the spiritual world. When you are meditating and saying the affirmation feel yourself absorbing the loving spiritual energy through your finger tips. (If you would rather not accept this as fact, then accept it as metaphor and do it anyway as it helps the meditation). When your arms get tired you can rest your hands in your lap, palms up fingertips apart and aimed up. Keep them there throughout the rest of the meditation.

The steps to meditate:
1) find a comfortable place to sit.
2) holds hands up finger tips up and apart and say the affirmation “Oh God, my heart is open to you, please come sit in my heart.” 10 times out loud. Each time focus on one fingertip as if turning it on.
When you are ready place hands in lap fingertips up and apart.
3) Continue saying affirmation gently to self. If mind wanders gently come back to affirmation. (Do not get mad at yourself)
4) Ask for what you want in general and/or for the day and return to affirmation
5) Express gratitude for what you have and return to affirmation
6) DO this for 15-20 minutes once a day or even twice a day.
7) When it is time to stop simply open your eyes. Give yourself some credit for taking time to meditate. Drinking water after is always good to ground yourself. Carry on with your day.

What to expect: There are so many possibilities it is hard to enumerate them all. Here are a few common ones: In the beginning you may find that your mind wanders a great deal, and that you are not “into it”. Do no worry. Don't be upset with yourself. It will take a little time for you to release enough tension to be able to get to some of the better states. Once you have had a pleasant meditation you may have some that are fitful when you cannot wait for the 15 minutes to be over. Again do not worry. You still benefited. You will have a better one next time.

At some point you may have very pleasant experiences that go all the way from intense physical pleasure to intense spiritual pleasure. Sometimes you will become very still and quiet, other times you will lose track of time. Over time you will find that the more you meditate the better your days will be.

Taking the time: Think about this choosing to take time to meditate is based in abundance thinking. When you choose to not to meditate because you do not have enough time, you are thinking that you do not have enough. When you choose to meditate you will have more abundance.
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